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Offres de qualité certifiée

YachtCheck Quality Certification

Which services do you expect on your next charter?

Imagine there exists a catalog of 5-Star-Quality charter services you simply can chose from! You do not believe? YachtCheck® certifies charter companies worldwide according to a catalogue of 5-Star-Quality reqirements. Just make up your mind about which Star-Category fits to your budget and book a yacht of a certified YachtCheck® partner.

YachtCheck® ensures that the promised services are fullfilled by checking its certified partners every year. Whereever on the world you intend to charter - with YachtCheck® you can be confident that you receive the services you paid for.

Which are the 5-Star-YachtCheck® Quality Classes?

Economic Operator (1-Star)
Standard Operator (2-Stars)
Advanced Operator (3-Stars)
Superior Operator (4-Stars)
Premium Operator (5-Stars)

Read more about YachtCheck® Quality Classification and the required customer services.
Quality Charter Yachts  

How to book a certified YachtCheck® yacht:

Charter Operators that are certified by YachtCheck are awarded the relevant star icons. The YachtCheck® star icons are indicated on all YachtFinder® charter offers.

Every month new charter operators are applying to get certified by YachtCheck®. So just watch out when searching for a charter in your favourite charter destination - there will be also offers of a YachtCheck® partner available.

The ultimate benefit: YachtCheck® partners are obliged to let their clients write a review. Those customer reviews are listed in YachtFinder® offers allowing you to verify the latest opinon of someone who sailed the yacht lately.

Live support & Contact

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